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Using the Caddy​

Now that your bag and preferences are set up, you are ready to have elemental golf suggest a club for you. When you first select the Caddy tab, the app will ask you to authorize access to location services when in use. Please accept that request. You then need to select the linear distance to the target, for example the pin on your approach shot. Simply slide your thumb or finger up or down on the distance picker to select a distance that matches your distance to target. You may have a GPS watch, a range finder or use course information to get that distance.


Once entered, the second steps is get get the heading and elevation of the pin. Holding the phone flat in front of you at waist height, align the flat surface and edge of your phone with your target. A red dot on slider at the bottom left informs you if elevation is upwards or downwards; it turns green when your phone is level. Once aligned, simply tap on “Suggest a club” and the app retrieves weather and other data to (1) suggest a club, (2) indicate the calculated distance and (3) indicate how far left or right you may need to aim. The suggestions account for for wind, temperature, humidity, elevation and altitude. The current direction of the prevailing wind in relation to your target is presented in the lower right of your screen. 


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Getting Setup​

When you launch elemental golf, it will take you to a user settings screen where you should provide your first and last name, your distance preferences, which default to yards. You should then select a club you use to reach a target 150 yards or meters away, consistent with the units you have chosen. If you are unsure, and you are a male golfer, leave the setting as it is; if you are a female golfer and you are unsure, you should set it to your 5 iron/hybrid. You are now ready to set up the clubs in your golf bag. Along the bottom of elemental Golf are navigation tabs. To avoid having elemental golf recommend a club you don’t have, simply tap on the “Clubs” tab, then use the slider buttons to match the clubs you have in your bag. A green colour indicates the club is selected. By default, elemental golf assumes you have all clubs. If you remove the club you have selected to reach 150, you will have to reset the club you use for that distance. 

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No Access to the Internet​ or Device Location 

Note, elemental Golf provides the most accurate suggestions with an internet connection and location services activated. If your phone is unable to connect to the internet when you launch the app or access location services, elemental Golf still provides you with suggestions based on elevation alone.  When that is the case, a red warning icon appears in the lower right of the screen, replacing the wind information icon. If you are confident you will not have an internet connection while using the app, if you have a connection in the area where you plan to play, download weather data ahead of time by asking the app to suggest a club at any distance. The app will be unable to detect changes in weather, but can use the last available local conditions to make suggestions. When it uses older weather data, the wind vane becomes yellow on your device. 


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