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Getting Setup​

When you launch elemental golf, it will take you to a user preferences view where you should provide your first and last name, and your distance preferences, which default to yards.


You should then select a club you use to reach a target 150 yards or meters away, consistent with the units you have chosen. If you are unsure of what that club is, and you are a male golfer, leave the setting as it is; if you are a female golfer and you are unsure, you should set it to your 5 iron/hybrid. 


Spend time at the range to determine your 150 club. Its not just the carry distance; the club you choose should carry and roll out to 150 yards. 

Note, you can set the shot correction features here as well, or you can set those features on the caddy tab. 

Using the Caddy​

The Caddy simply provides you information to give you confidence in your next shot. At the bottom, you can switch shot correction features on or off; when they are red, they are off, when they are green they are on. You can use the range finder (described in the section below) to determine the linear distance to your target, for example the pin on your approach shot or a layup point on the fairway. 


Once you have the yardage, depending on which shot correction features you have activated, the caddy will provide information about the actual distance, what distance the shot is playing like, whether you should aim left or right (based on wind conditions), and will suggest a club based on what you have indicated is in your golf bag.

Note, once a target is set with the range finder, you can begin to walk or move and the yardage to your target will change as you move. The impact of wind on your shot may change as you move, for example, if you move to the south on a target due west, a western headwind begins to become a crosswind. The caddy adjusts the distance and shot recommendations as you move. If the distance exceed 650 yards or meters, the caddy will reset itself and you need to establish a new target. 

Regarding wind, the wind vane has two rings; the inner ring always points at the target; the outer ring shows how the prevailing wind it moving relative to your target. If the wind has strong gusts, the arrow in the wind vane changes color to highlight risk in wind calculations: green means low risk, yellow moderate risk, and red means high risk. When the risk is high, you might consider a shorter target with a different club.


If you are playing at higher altitudes, for example, above 3000 ft or 1000 meters, the caddy can adjust how far your ball will carry. Higher altitudes have less dense air, and the ball will carry further with the same club, contact and swing speed.   

Regarding slope, the slope feature is turned off by default, as it uses the slope of the phone to adjust for an uphill or downhill target. If you activate this feature, by holding the device flat in front of you at waist height, you can tip the flat surface and edge of your device either up or down to align with your target. A slider at the bottom left informs you if elevation is upwards or downwards, and adjusted the effective distance to the target. Its probably best to turn the slope feature off when you don't need, which is why it is off by default. 


If all shot correction features are activated, the caddy's suggestions account for for wind, temperature, humidity, elevation and altitude. The current direction of the prevailing wind in relation to a line to your target is presented in the lower right of your screen. 


For more, visit: Using my app to get the right club

Using the Range Finder​

From a button at the bottom of the caddy or from the bottom navigation tab, you can access the range finder. The range finder is a satellite map view that shows your current location near the bottom. It will work where ever you are, but should be used when you are on the course, or at the driving range. 

By tapping anywhere on the map, you set a target for your shot. Once a target is set, the map will show the distance between you and your target at the bottom of the view, then draw a line between you and your target, and finally zoom in to give you a closer look at your planned shot. The elementalGolf caddy uses that line to calculate the impact of the wind on your shot.

You can reset the target by tapping the reset button, or by tapping again anywhere on the satellite map view. You may do that if you see a hazard in more detail, or it you want to set a slightly different target.


Once you like that target, you can tap on the checkmark or on the caddy in the navigation bar at the bottom to return to the caddy. 

Setup the Clubs in Your Bag​

To make useful club suggestions, you need to tell elementalGolf what clubs are in your golf bag. By default, the Caddy assumes that all clubs are in your bag, and as a result, the Caddy may suggest a club you don't have. To remove a club, simply tap on the toggle for each club. 

Note, the specific brand or type of club is not important, as elementalGolf can calculate the typical distances for each based on your 150 club.


Note also, the 150 club that you setup in preferences cannot be removed from the bag; if you want to remove it, then choose a different club for your 150 distance in Preferences

Don't forget, you are only supposed to have 14 clubs in your bag, including your putter! 


No Access to the Internet​ or Device Location 

Note, elementalGolf can only provide accurate suggestions with an internet connection and location services activated. If your phone is unable to connect to the internet when you launch the app or access location services, elemental Golf will let you know.  When that is the case, a warning icon appears on both the caddy and range finder.

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